Christian Fellowship Chapel




My wife Kristen and I welcome you to Christian Fellowship Chapel (CFC).   

As you come through the doors of the church on a Sunday morning you will be greeted by warm and friendly greeters who are available to answer any questions.  Our Sunday Services are for anyone and everyone who are seeking a place of fellowship and security; where we can sing some songs, pray together and hear a Holy Spirit filled, Bible centred sermon.  After service you are welcome to stay around for a coffee and socialize as we catch up with each other and get to know you. 


At CFC, we have programs and activities for all ages from infants to seniors.  Please reach out to me or our Church Secretary ( if you have any questions.  

We have information cards that you can fill out in the pews of the sanctuary.  If you want to make a donation to the church, we have secured boxes as you enter the sanctuary to put your donations.  

I personally would love to welcome you and if there is anything, as a pastor, I can do for you, I would be glad to sit down and chat.

 May the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, fill your soul.