Dear Christian Fellowship Chapel,

    As 2018 comes to an end, we want to let you know how much we value your partnership and want to share with you some of the best church-planting articles and stories we published this year.

    Pastoring a City

    Marc Pilon, a church planter in Quebec, shares how God raised his vision higher and called his church to 'let the salt out' throughout their city.

    Praying for Church Planters

    Scott Thomas calls us to pray for oneness, for boldness, for protection, and for endurance in our church planters.

    The Right Stuff, The Right Heart

    Bill Hogg shares the need for a new wave of Gospel pioneers with passionate hearts.

    From C2C to Multiply

    Learn more about our organization's journey and vision.

    Chris Hyndman's Story

    Chris' life has gone from addiction to freedom – watch a video of his story.

    We have so many reasons to celebrate! As we have worked together across Canada, so far in 2018 we’ve seen...

    • 103 church plants supported by our ministry

    • 531 Canadians baptized in new church plants

    • 7 new churches planted

    • More than 1,000 Canadian church planters, pastors and ministry leaders trained

    • Church planters from more than 30 denominations engaged in partnership

    We rejoice in new believers, new churches and new opportunities to expand our impact. Yet, increased opportunity brings increased need for finances. Please pray that God would supply all that is needed to support these many workers, and consider sending a generous donation to support the mission.

    Thank you and Merry Christmas,

    Gord Fleming
    Executive VP, Multiply